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  • Can users download training lessons?
    No. Our lesson materials built into the app.
  • Can users see their learning progress?
    Yes. Users can see their training progress in the app as long as they are a user of the program.
  • Will the system prompt learning reminder to the user?
    Yes. There will be notifications through the app.
  • Is there a chat room features?
    Yes. Users from the same organisation group can chat among themselves in the program chat room.
  • Can user share their achievement when completed the courses?
    Yes. Users can download the ‘Certificate of Completion’ PDF upon completing their courses and upload to their social media account separately.
  • What are the languages available on the program?
    UI Languages Available: Arabic Castilian Spanish Chinese Dutch English French German Hindi Indonesian - Bahasa Italian Japanese Korean Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian
  • Can the user sign up for MyTrainingPal on their own?
    Not at this moment. MyTrainingPal is a curated program for Lenzing's brand partners. Hence, only approved users from registered brand partners can particpated in this program.
  • Where can the user assess MyTrainingPal beside mobile phone?
    The app is downloadable on any smartphone and also accessible via a web-based desktop version. For those who prefer not download the app on their personal mobile, they may use the web-based version.
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